Terms of use

1. Subject to the terms of use

The use of this online service means that you undertake to respect the conditions and terms imposed by the clauses that govern its use, as well as the “Privacy Policy”.

2. Declaration on copyright

This online service was created by the Civil Aviation Authority Macau of the Government of the Macau Special Administrative Region (hereinafter referred to as AACM). Copyrights relating to all content (including texts, visual and sound records and photographs) belong to the AACM and are guaranteed under the respective MSAR legislation and international copyright conventions.

3. Re-divulgation and Reproduction

With the exception of information belonging to third parties, reproductions and re-disclosures are permitted for non-commercial purposes, without the need for written consent from the AACM, however, the user must indicate that the content comes from this online service and the date of obtaining it. The accuracy of the reproduced content must be ensured and cannot function as a document recognized by the AACM.

Any form of reproduction or partial or total disclosure of the content of this online service for commercial purposes is prohibited. Regardless of whether the reproduction or re-publication is intended for commercial purposes or not, the respective content may not be subject to any change, except with the written authorization of the AACM.

If the copyright of the content to be reproduced is reserved to third parties, it must be done in accordance with the respective copyright notice.

4. Disclaimer

AACM ensure, as far as possible, the accuracy of the data provided, but does not assume, implicitly or explicitly, any guarantees or commitments in relation to this type of content or any responsibility in relation to the data made available in the current manner. AACM reserves the right to suppress, at any time, temporarily suspend or compile the data of this online service, without prior notice. They do not assume any responsibility or compensation for any kind of damage or loss caused by the use of the data in this online service.

This online service may provide access links to other websites or applications. Such links are created to facilitate, simply, the use of this online service. When you click on these links, you access other websites or applications, which means that you leave this online service, and are subject to the terms of use and privacy policies of such websites or applications. AACM cannot guarantee nor be responsible for the data made available by these websites or applications.

AACM are responsible for ensuring the computer security of this online service. Given the existence of risk inherent in the transmission of data (including personal data) on open networks and the possibility of these being seen and used by unauthorized third parties, it is necessary to be aware of the security of such networks, to avoid the occurrence of data transmission personal.

This online service sends information to the user, through the push notification service provided by a third party. The AACM does not guarantee that, through this third institution, the user will be able to receive the information made available, smoothly and on time.

Using this online service is free. However, the operator of the telephone service on the network does charge if the user is abroad and uses the online service, activating the roaming of the mobile device, which can prove to be expensive. AACM does not assume any responsibility for the communication costs resulting from the use of this online service.

5. Amendment to clauses

If there is any change to the clauses, the AACM will proceed to replace the old version with the new one, indicating the date of the change, with no republication taking place.

Privacy policy

1. Collection and processing of non-personal information

If you access the online service provided by the Civil Aviation Authority Macao of Macao SAR Government only for information consultation and not to submit a request, the Civil Aviation Authority Macao (hereinafter referred to as AACM) will not register information that allows you to recognize your identity, nor will you collect your personal data.

When using the online service to browse or download information, it is possible that the AACM's computer system automatically registers the following information: the internet domain name and IP address, the date and time the navigation started, the your user identification number (UID - Unique Device Identifier) ​​and the information you have consulted, however, no data will be collected that allows you to recognize your identity. The collection of this information aims to make the online service more functional for users. The information collected will not be used for the investigation of the user's identity, except in situations of attack against the online service.

There are certain services of the online service that can use the data of the geographic location of the user and unmanned aircraft system, and these data are only used in location-based services (Location Based Service), to provide the user with the location and information of unmanned aircraft systems, in order to secure the aviation safety.

2. Collection and processing of personal information

If you use this online service, you will probably need to provide your personal data, depending on the requirements of the required service. If necessary, these data may be provided to the public service responsible for providing the respective service, provided that the user's consent is obtained.

3. Protection of personal data

The AACM, being the authors of the online service, ensure that the treatment of personal data is regulated with appropriate confidentiality measures and that these personal data will be kept until they lose the utility for which they were collected, or until the end of the reservation period established by the Macao SAR Government, and will be destroyed after the expiry of the respective legal provision. The user can consult or change, with the AACM, the personal data that are inserted in this online service.

4. Link

This online service provides links to facilitate access to other websites or applications. When accessing other websites or applications through these links, the user exits the online service. The privacy policy of those websites or applications accessed may be different from the one governing this online service, and AACM are not responsible for the content or privacy policies of those websites or applications accessed. It is suggested that the user consult and understand what is contained in the privacy policy of those websites or applications before accessing them.

5. Amendment to the Privacy Statement

If there is any update to the Privacy Statement, AACM will replace the old version with the new one, indicating the date the document was updated, without prior notice.